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We are back after a short hiatus and more revved up than ever, but not necessarily about politics this week. Take a listen as we talk about our exodus from Red State Talk Radio, why everyone freaked out when Netflix raised their prices by $6.00 a month and whether or not the "Pay for Podcast" method is viable as longtime Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl goes to a pay model on his podcasts.

It's a whole new format but the same brand of common sense. We hope you like it!

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Watching the debate about increasing the debt ceiling is slowly making me crazy. I am convinced that very few elected officials understand what a massive problem our debt is going to be. I'm equally convinced that most are willing to lie and twist the truth to take a pass on this problem. If they can pretend like they did something then the problem can be passed over to the next generation(s) to deal with. This has been the way of politics for decades and it has to stop.

We have a serious debt problem. In fact, our debt problem is starting to look a lot like Greece and we know how that worked out. Just take a look at the article at http://www.zerohedge.com/article/confirmed-us-fiscal-woe-worse-greece and do a Google search to understand the similarities. We are a country with the equivalent of a credit card problem. We spend and spend and spend. When the cards are maxed out, we simply request an increase and resuming spending and spending and spending. This cannot continue.

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The guys are back after a two week hiatus talking about the issues of the day from Weinergate to who the GOP should run in 2012 and why it's important to get someone picked out soon. They also talk about Groupon's impending IPO, just how much the new government nutritional plan cost and much, much more!

We hope you enjoy, and please, tell a friend!

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On today's show the guys talk a lot about the Internet as they cover stories from how Bill Clinton would like a government (or UN) agency to deal with internet rumors, how there is a push for a law to try and block the DNS entries from some web sites and how parents don't really seem to care about what their kids are doing on the Internet and why they SHOULD.

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The Common Man Common Sense Show takes on the death of Osama Bin Laden and all of the stories surrounding it including Michael Moore saying that President Barack Obama is a wuss that hates America and the Constitution because of the way he handled the mission.

We talk about what led up to the mission and when the United States found out Bin Laden was living in Pakistan. We talk about how long it took Obama to make the decision and we talk about the aftermath and whether or not photographic proof should be given to the world.

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On this show we discuss the insanity that is the birther movement and why it helps Obama, how the CEO of the black chamber of commerce regrets voting for Obama because his policies are Marxist, how much you should tip a delivery guy and much, much more!

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In this episode the guys talk about how Al Gore is on the board of Apple Computer, the least green technology company on the planet, how Harry Reid and others are in China with their families on the taxpayer's dime and how your smartphone is spying on you without your knowledge and the danger of that.

Oh yeah, they also mention a donut shop in San Francisco that features Maple and Bacon donuts as well as donuts filled with pears soaked in Guinness. Yum!

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The Nanny State Is Here! A public school in Chicago no longer allows students to bring any food from home because the government knows how to feed your kids better than you do. Donald Trump is a wildcard in the Presidential race and we believe he's just looking for publicity for his television show. The GOP sends Jeff a survey and much, much more!

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On this episode the guys discuss Glenn Beck's announcement that he'll be transitioning away from his Fox TV show and just how the mainstream media is covering the story. They also tackle the budget and just why it might not be a good idea that the government didn't shut down and how the GOP is compromising too much when they know the cuts will have to be much, much greater.

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Another week, another amazing Common Man Common Sense Show. The guys are a bit distracted with the baseball season starting but manage to cover the issues of the day.

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