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Watching the debate about increasing the debt ceiling is slowly making me crazy. I am convinced that very few elected officials understand what a massive problem our debt is going to be. I'm equally convinced that most are willing to lie and twist the truth to take a pass on this problem. If they can pretend like they did something then the problem can be passed over to the next generation(s) to deal with. This has been the way of politics for decades and it has to stop.

We have a serious debt problem. In fact, our debt problem is starting to look a lot like Greece and we know how that worked out. Just take a look at the article at and do a Google search to understand the similarities. We are a country with the equivalent of a credit card problem. We spend and spend and spend. When the cards are maxed out, we simply request an increase and resuming spending and spending and spending. This cannot continue.

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For months on the Common Man Common Sense show, I’ve been talking about the need to elect true conservatives in the primary elections occurring around the country. The primary elections are of critical importance and are largely ignored by the voting public. What have we accomplished is we elect a new group of progressive leaning Republicans to square off against the progressive Democrats? In that situation, you end up with the same result and it’s the path we continually head down. The climate in America has changed and people seem to be waking up but they have to do more than wake up. The American people have to take action. I have been deeply concerned that voters have not completely learned their lesson and with the results of the California primary rolling in, the Republican voters of California have failed the American people miserably.

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The relentless government takeover of private industry since the Obama administration took office is more than a little frightening. The fact that a government can destroy private industry with such little effort does not bode well for our future. The government is now involved in the banks, the car companies, and now are heavily involved in health care. What else is left? Well, take student loans off the list. These goons managed to completely take over the student loan industry through the health care bill. What in the hell is a complete takeover of this industry doing in a health care bill? Student loans have absolutely nothing to do with our health care. This should have been stripped from the bill immediately but why not take over more private industry?

Students looking for loans to attend college used to go through the Federal Family Educational Loan Program (FFELP) and obtain low interest loans from banks and credit unions. For example, my student loans have been issued by Citi. The government helped organize the program and kept interest rates reasonable. That level of interaction from the government was acceptable. Now the FFELP program is being completely replaced by the Direct Loan program. The two programs are more or less exactly the same but now the loan money is provided by the federal government and not the private banks. Isn't this country broke?

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The main switchboard number is 1-877-SOB-U-SOB. Keep the phone calls coming, make them hear us!

Congressman Jim Oberstar
(202) 225-6211

Congressman Nick Rahall
(202) 225-3452

Congressman Mike Michaud
(202) 225-6306

Congressman Earl Pomeroy
(202) 225-2611

Congressman Harry Teague
(202) 225-2365

Congressman Harry Mitchell
(202) 225-2190

Congressman Chris Carney
(202) 225-3731

Congressman Henry Cuellar
(202) 225-1640

Congressman Kathy Dahlkemper
(202) 225-5406

Congressman Glenn Nye
(202) 225-4215

Congressman Zack Space
(202) 225-6265

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Darren and I discuss the news a lot, it's part of our job. One of the things I frequently find myself saying to him is "that's it, we can't get any more insane," and then something else comes along to prove me wrong. I guess that keeps the job interesting but it also is deeply concerning. Where has common sense gone? Why can't our government and related agencies make decisions which make even just a little bit of sense?

I wouldn't believe this story if it wasn't published all over the place from a collection of different news sources. Apparently, a couple of IRS agents took the time to get into the car and drive to a Sacramento car wash (isn't that upping their carbon footprint?) to collect 4 cents. Yes, 4 pennies. Yes, I know it's hard to believe. If the car consumed one gallon of gas, which would be a short trip, that's 75 times the cost of what the IRS agents were hoping to collect.

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President Obama and his leftist cronies have been on a major spending spree since getting into office. The failed stimulus plan, continued bailouts, and other money wasting endeavors have driven our national debt to unheard of levels and the government continues to print money. Nothing works but we keep doing it anyway because this time it will be different. Obama is very fond of saying that this level of spending is unsustainable, yet he keeps doing it anyway. This man is an expert at saying one thing and then doing the exact opposite. The country is on the brink of financial destruction and we just keep stepping on the gas pedal. Eventually, we're going to crash head on into a brick wall and the aftermath will not be pretty.

Obama seems to be living in some kind of alternate reality. The new reports are that he will be issuing a presidential order to establish a deficit panel to look into the ballooning deficit. I couldn't even make this stuff up if I tried. The President of the United States and his majority of Congress are responsible for a majority of this deficit. We can blame the rest on George W. Bush. The solution is to spend more money to put together a deficit panel to tell the President that his actions created the problem. In other words, we're going to spend tax payer money to tell the President about what he just did.

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Take a minute and put yourself in the shoes of President Obama. A year ago you entered into office with a nearly unprecedented level of support from the people and things were looking up. On the surface, it seemed like you could do anything you wanted to with this type of support. Fast forward just one year later. Cap and Trade hasn't happened and most likely won't. Health care reform turned into a field of political landmines that has destroyed your party and will most likely result in a crushing defeat for your Democrat peers in November. You failed to secure the Olympic Games for Chicago. You spent well over 700 billion dollars trying to save the economy only to watch unemployment spiral completely out of control. Feeling like a failure yet?

The victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts was just another in a long string of failures that have happened since the day President Obama took office. Say what you want, the man has spent all of his political capital and has absolutely nothing to show for it. We are only one year into the term and you could make a case for this being the most miserably failed presidency in the history of the United States. Now Obama is having to do some soul searching for direction. How does he handle this house of cards that's quickly falling apart? With the State of the Union address happening tomorrow it seems like little will change. Obama will continue to fumble around pushing his agenda like the one mouse in the experiment not smart enough to find the food lever.

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According to a Fox News article, "President Obama and his top advisers have been pinning the blame on the prior administration, directly or obliquely, ever since Obama's inauguration a full year ago -- including at least seven times since last Tuesday's upset in the Massachusetts Senate election."

Seven times since last Tuesday? Are you kidding me? President Obama seems to be stuck in the past and is proving to be completely incapable of dealing with the fact that the American people don't like his leftist policies. Look at any poll and the majority of people are against socialized medicine. We have figured out that global warming, oh wait I'm sorry, climate change is a scam. We know the stimulus money is being spent on just about anything but items which might stimulate the economy. We have figured it out and we don't like it one bit. Yet, the problem is everything but Obama. It can't be Obama, he's too perfect and his concepts too pristine. We're simply too stupid to get it and Bush must be the cause of all our problems. The man must be brain damaged.

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The Scott Brown election proves that the landscape of American politics have changed. Massachusetts is one of the most democratic leaning states in United States so the victory was considered a massive upset. Brown came out of nowhere and won that seat for the GOP. We've talked at length about the positives of breaking up the democratic filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. This is huge and should put the brakes on the plans from the radical left as long as the GOP can remain united. That's huge news but what's even more interesting is looking at what caused this swell of support for Brown in the first place. How did he close such a massive gap in the polls and pull of a convincing win? The Internet had a lot to do with it.

The world is becoming a smaller place. It used to be that state politics were just that, state politics. Too much time and distance separated people so everyone just dealt with the issues in their own state. It was simply too difficult to get involved. That's no longer the case. With the Internet, the political landscape has changed.

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Yesterday was an exciting day for conservatives around the nation and it's easily the most thrilling day I've had in my time following politics. I had a chill while I watched news reports and listened to the radio. It was amazing to watch everyone stand up and take part in the process. It was really something special. We are awake and aware of what is going on.

An energy is pulsing through the American people and that energy is a strong pull towards conservatism. We have rejected the hard left. We don't want government takeovers of large parts of our economy, don't want handouts, don't want bailouts, and don't want to hear the term to big to fail. We are sick and tired of this craziness and on January 19, 2010 we took the first step to correcting the government's problems and stopping the slide to socialism.

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